Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's Out For The Summer!!

I never realized when I was younger how excited my teachers were to be out of school...almost more excited than the kids I think :0). Although I will be doing some curriculum work for the summer and helping to unpack at school-I am so ready for a break! We have been packing for around 2 weeks now-whew!! I never thought teaching could be as exhausting as it is, but I do enjoy it. Next year Eric and I will each be starting our 3rd year in the Pinedale School District, and I will say it has been a good move for us. I am loving working with the little tikes, and I am soooo excited to move to our amazing new Elementary School Building next year that I can ride my bike to. We have big plans to finish up a lot on the house and put it up for sale. Yup, you heard me right-for sale. We are going to do it and just see what happens-no pressure. If it sales, it sales. If not, we will have a great house on it's way to being finished. Either way it will be great for us, but we have a lot of work ahead of us this summer. I am super excited to get a break to read a little, work out, fix up the house, sleep-in, figure out my new camera, and scrapbook. Eric is super excited to get his new boat, guide, fish, spend time outdoors, fish, work on the house, and fish some more. We have a wonderful friend who is super talented coming to help us the end of this month-so we should be able to get a lot done then. We have a couple of trips planned to see family and friends, and a couple of friends and families are coming to see us! If you haven't-call, we'd love to see you!! We can't wait for the summer to start, oh wait-it has. I am officially off to enjoy the sunshine!

Happy summers for all my friends!



The Higbee Family said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic summer. Let me know if you will be headed to Pocatello any time soon! I'm in Twin, but I'd love to see you!

The Gardiner's said...

Sound like your just as busy as ever. House are like that. I'm very content in this little trailer. Nothing to work on! When we get back to Pinedale we'll have to think about the yard. Hey a found a photographer that you might like to look at her name is Julie Parker. Awesome ideas- she just did a carnival.