Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green House

Here is our newly painted GREEN is sooo weird seeing it an actual color instead of tan, but it looks really nice. It will look even better when the concrete is done and the rock cleaned up. It was a little weird feeling like I was living in a fishbowl everyday while the painters were there. We only have curtains in our bedroom so at any point I could walk in to a room and there they would be at the window. Good thing they were all cool or it would have been a long 3 days! Oh...and I get asked frequently if we live in a subdivision or do we have which the answer is yes and yes. We have a couple neighbors but our subdivision is new so we have lots and lots of space to ourselves. To prove my point check out the photo of the cattle drive across our road...mainly we share our space with many animals. Case in point: early last week I was on a walk and got close enough to an antelope to (according to what my nephew wanted to do the week before) "hit it with a rock and break off it's antlers". Don't kids say the darnedest things? No worries animal enthusiasts instead we just stared at each other and I refrained from throwing a rock, plus a she has no horns...however if the aggressive grunting male I crossed on my way back from the rock would have continued on his charge towards me I wouldn't have thought twice about hitting him with a rock-haha.


Angela Frasure said...

It's adorable!!

The Higbee Family said...

Liz your house is looking so nice! I love it.