Friday, August 13, 2010

August Whirwind

I was hoping as we were nearing the end of August things would start to slow down so we could have a break before we went back to work...but alas, it's not happening. We have been able to do some great things though. We went to Boise (last post), had family photos taken (just started getting a peak at a few and I love them!), I finished up my swap kit early (and with no help-amazing I know!), had an early Christmas from my Grandma and finally received new (and much needed) pans, and were able to camping with Eric's mom and brother. You can see in the photo that our old pots from Walmart had seen their days...they were literally starting to fall apart...the only one that remained semi-nice was one from Jen and Mike Higbee for a wedding gift, so I guess now we know-Walmart pans have limited years of usage. We had tons of fun going camping with Eric's family, however, I got a nasty summer head cold and went home early. While we were there though Eric took Cam-Man fishing, and I went on a four-wheeler ride with Peggy and Frank. The scenery was beautiful and I had a great time....but being stuffed up made for a tough ride. They broke me in fast on the four-wheeler...I should have taken a photo! My four-wheeler came back the dirtiest even though we all went through the exact same stuff. I went through deep water, mud, up steep stuff and down steep stuff, through a rainstorm, and even had to reverse through a mud bog. We were on our trip for about 6 hours and saw 8 deer, 1 moose, and lots of amazing Wyoming scenery! I have been finishing up the rest of the softball season with the team that picked me up (finals are tonight), my summer curriculum work, and next week I will be working to unpack the school. Eric has been guiding and fishing as much as he can. We still have one more trip back to Pocatello for my nieces birthday, another week for me to nanny and work on the house, and then school starts again. I cannot believe a whole summer has almost gone by! All in all our summer has been great but fast...only 2 more weeks before we go back!
Slower Augusts for all my friends!


The Higbee Family said...

I'm glad our pan has held up for you, somewhat! :) Always nice to have fun new kitchen stuff. Good luck with getting ready for your summer to be over.

Lib said...

Sounds kinda like our August.. whew! We wish we could have joined the camping trip. :) next time.