Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Destination: Boise-August 2010

Eric and I had the chance to finally go to Boise and see my brothers family. We got to see their new house, meet their new baby, and hang out with all of them. We haven't been able to be around them much so it was great to see them and spend time with them and their kiddos. They blessed their newest addition Hudson, so the whole family was there! It was a pretty busy weekend for us, we drove to Pocatello to meet up with my parents. Then we drove to Boise, went to the zoo, had a Bar-b-Que, hung out, and swam. The next day was the blessing, pictures, a luncheon, and driving back to Poky. On Monday we hung out in Poky and I ran errands while Eric fished with my dad. Then that night we had a friend take our photos. I have only seen one, but know they are going to turn out amazing!! Her name is Jen Simmons and she is awesome!! We were able to go out to dinner with her and her husband after photos and my parents along with my cousin Ben joined us. It was a crazy busy weekend-but so much fun!! We also finished up our softball season and even though we didn't do so well this year we had fun. Luckily though, I got picked up by another team so I am playing in the tournament. We have won our first 2 games so we will get to play again on Wednesday. All in all we have a had good but very busy summer. I am not excited to start school up again because we still have a lot to accomplish, but I have to just keep telling myself one thing at a time.
Fun Augusts for all my friends!