Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Review has been crazy lately. Even as I post this I know I should be doing a million other things, but such is life right? Anyways, these past couple months have been a bit of a blur. We have started school, gotten older, and see Fall come and go. We had the opportunity to spend my birthday weekend in Utah(the big 26...the year I always thought would be best). We hung out with Chad, Jessica, Caydence, Peggy, and Cameron. We all went to Lagoon for Frightmares and had a blast! Eric has been able to go fishing and hunting. He killed an average sized buck on some private property that made for easy hunting...except dragging it back across a river. The worst part I think was hanging it when he got home. He was the muscle that picked it up...while I tried to pull the rope tight. It was pretty humorous because we had it tied off to 2 anchors and a freezer. Eric was supposed to go with a friend the week before, but then his friend hurt his knee and couldn't go. Although he was bummed he made the most of it and went fishing instead. The mouse photo is kinda funny because I put up 2 traps and had them full within 20 minutes...but we haven't seen a mouse since. Eric was freaking out because he had to help clean them out to reset them...the only reason we even knew was because the one was caught at the mid-section but still alive. I really hate mice, but I guess that's part of living in the country without a cat (which I refuse to get-yuck!). Beside mouse catching and laughing my head off working in K-1, I have been crafting and editing like a crazy woman. A friend from school and I put together a basket for another friend who was getting married. We went with a cooking theme and made bathroom people aprons...that went perfect with the card I had made. I have 2 upcoming posts at Ella this week which kept me busy creating this weekend. I also had the opportunity to trade my photo services for getting my car detailed...which turned out amazing! I haven't had it cleaned really well since we bought it...because it was a lease to a family it was kinda dirty in places I couldn't reach. It has been so awesome, although hard, because now I almost don't even want to drive in it because I know it will get dirty. We have also done some work on the house...including cleaning up the rock and getting the deck done. We only have to do a bit more to get the deck done which will be nice. I have also almost finished up the upstairs and have most of our things hung. The crazy thing about all of this is we are for sure going to sell. It's no longer an if, but a when. We are super excited about this though and already planning the next house (at least I am-hehe). I am looking forward to being able to go to the scrapbook retreat with family and friends this weekend...and will have more to post about soon I am sure. Although it has been a crazy fast fall, we have been super blessed and are having an amazing time way out here in Wyoming.
Until next time...Fall love to all my friends!

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