Thursday, January 8, 2009

What The !!???

Okay so I am not trying to be gross, but this is just one more reason why not all people should have guns! Yup folks, this is a Lama, but make sure you pay attention to the last picture. For those who do not hunt or are unfamiliar to hunting, that last picture is a tag to hunt Elk. The idiot that shot him thought that this Lama was an Elk. Does this say anything good about some of the caliber of people we have in the United States?? I think that he should have stayed in New York and hunted Lama's there. Some people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. I mean come on, research what you're hunting if you don't know what it is, and for heavens sake-go to a farm or zoo every now and then to get your animals right. Geesh, he must've never watched The Emperors New Groove-haha!

30-06 rifle with Leupold Scope- $650 dollars
Out of State License -$600 dollars
Gas to drive from New York -$700 dollars
Taking a Trophy Montana Llama- Priceless.......(well really it's just stupid-he'll be facing charges for killing the wrong animal, and for trespassing-and I hope he feels like poo, this is probably someone's pet)
Don't quit your day job to be a guide any time soon, dude!
Happy Animal Searching to all my friends!


The Adams family said...

well that just made my day! Some people! We are sure going to miss you this weekend! You have to come with us when we go to Lava again... it isnt the same without you!

Melissa Fisher said...

That is so disgusting! Thanks for the up-close and personal photos :) Looks like you had a busy Christmas too. Maybe I'll see ya next time you come.

Shayne and Amber Hoskins said...

I am not shocked by the least.....but saddened by it. Some people should not be allowed to even touch a gun!!!! How did you find out about this???

Kelsey said...

"I hope he feels like poo"

I love it.

Jason and Kristina Murphy said...

Did you actually take this pics? If so, was Eric with you? It would have been priceless to see Eric's face if he was really there.