Friday, January 2, 2009

High School Sports

These are some of the pictures of Pinedale's Boys Hockey team and the Varsity basketball team. We have really enjoyed getting to know the kids here and watching them play. Eric has a great time coaching in the High school at all levels (9th, JV, Varsity). This was the varsity game against Powell (close to where we used to live) and we won!! Keaton is the one with the huge black eye-he got hit by another player on our team at a tournament. Eric said his eye was swollen immediately, it was looking 100 times better by this game-quite the trophy from a game, we told him he should make up a really good story for it (instead of running into his teammate). I really enjoy basketball, and will be there to watch all of the home games as I am doing books to earn money to buy a frame for our new king sized bed (we got a mattress thanks to our friends)!! The hockey team is not affiliated with the school, but a few of the kids who played football for Eric are on the team. We don't have many home games, but this one we got to watch we did really well and won.

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