Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Rival Game
The middle of my 3-now it's brown with blue and white stems

Freshman tourney
Spa Night fun
Green River Trip
We've had a busy past couple of weeks! First of all I have been working on a painting for our bedroom. This is part of the three I will be doing to put above our new bed set, but in this picture it hasn't been painted yet. Pinedale Freshman also had a tournament in which the girls won first, and the boys (although they worked hard) walked away with lots of experience. Last weekend I had a spa party for some of my girlfriends so we could all have a night out! We had lots of food and lots of fun!! Then Eric and I went to visit our fabulous friends in Green River. Travis coaches at a JU-CO there, so we had the opportunity to go and watch his team play. They played a really good team and held there own until the very end. We had a great time seeing them and their beautiful kids. We also got to see Brad and Sally and their two beautiful kiddos. We hope to be able to see them all more this summer when all the coaching is over :0). Finally, Eric's freshman team played their big rivals tonight at their place and we won!! It took awhile for them to get going, but they pulled it out in the end-great job boys!!

Full and Happy days for all my friends!!

By the way...I haven't posted Christmas because I can't find it :0(
Also...thanks for all your concerns on my eye, it stopped after 8 days-and hasn't come back yet!!


The Adams family said...

I love the painting you are doing! I love the dandelions in things! Let me know if you want to make another because I would totally buy one from you!

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Sounds like fun. I too am so impressed with that painting. It is going to be adorable. I think I need a spa night about now too.

Kelsie said...

Cute painting! Love it. How is life treating you? Glad the eye thing went away.