Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally...Chad and Jessica's Wedding!

I spent tonight finishing Chad (Eric's brother) and Jessica's wedding photo's for the 2nd time!! These pictures have just about killed me!! I have spent so many hours and to no avail they keep getting the best of me! Tonight I finally finished. The first problem started when I tried to get them off my camera-nightmare!! So after trying several times I hit up Walgreens and waited with my Mom for about an hour to get them off my camera. Then I came back to Pinedale and fixed them all (at least 5 hours worth of work plus another hour+ of downloading) and in deleting the original file I erased all my fixes-stupid me!!! So...I finally got back around to doing them (the guilt of not having them done finally got to me-love time management guilt)! I still have some that I want to do more work on, but for now I just wanted to get them done!! So, here they are, in all their glory (or at least a bit of them in minor glory). Those of you who are interested, I have more on my business blog: http://www.simplemomentsphotographybyliz.blogspot.com/
Better time management to all my friends!


Julie N. said...

Great Pictures! You do a really good job. I'm starting to get into photography as well but I'm just a beginner. Good luck!

Mike and Jen said...

I love the pictures. You are doing such an awesome job. Sounds like you had a fun Valentines. The pictures made me miss the snow. It doesn't really stick here.

Lib said...

Great pics Liz! I'm gonna have to steal some from you. bytheway... call me sometime.

The Gardiner's said...

The pics. are so cute. I saw the wedding and Belas on your photo web site. I couldn't post a comment from there??? I like the temple ones and the baby legs. Your so sweet.