Monday, February 9, 2009

Basketball, Basketball, and MORE Basketball!!

The Pinedale Varsity and JV boys and girls played in Cody and Powell this last weekend. I am finding it is more enjoyable for me to watch basketball (and warmer), but much easier and more exciting to do the football pictures (better light=better pictures). I haven't had a lot of opportunity to take basketball pictures since I have been doing books, but I had the opportunity to go with a few of the boys' dads to the games this last weekend. Conversation was different than usual, but I had a great time and really appreciate the generosity of others! Basketball season is coming to a close, it seems like it has gone really fast! State comes next month, and I really hope our boys (and girls) make it!! We had a great time in Cody seeing everyone, its been quite awhile since I have been back. The only downside of this weekend-I REALLY REALLY wanted to beat Cody!!! It would've been nice to blow them out again, just to give a little more of a jab since they didn't hire Eric. I know that doesn't sound nice, and really we're over it and glad we're in Pinedale, but still it would've been nice to hand their hind ends to them :0).

Happy sporting to all my friends!

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Mike and Jen said...

You look super busy! But that is Liz. You take such amazing pictures. I hope everything is going well! Love Ya, Jen