Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

I spent this weekend scrapbooking-lots! There was a challenge on one of the scrapbooking sites I like, ( to do 20 pages in January and then you'd get 20 bucks in free products. I was excited to finish 22 projects by the 31st :0). It took longer than usual because I had to post them all (which I had never done) and also had to use only products that they carry (which is a lot). It was a really great incentive to get me a jump on my scrapbooking (which I have neglected for awhile), and a great way to get free products! I will admit that on Saturday I didn't even get dressed, or eat after breakfast-I was pretty in the zone, and I definitely needed to have a day to myself after this last week. I have been feeling pretty stressed and down, so it was a good pick-me-up. I hope everyone has been having a great new year!!! Love to you all!!
Happy hobby making to all my friends!!


The Adams family said...

oh, that reminds me of LAVA! Are you going to come with us this time? I think it is around spring break. You totally should. and PS that was a lot of work for 20 of stuff! :)

The Gardiner's said...

Dinner was great! Thank you so much for all your help. Your pages look great. I can't wait to see your paintings when there all done. I hope you're happy with the way they're progressing. Bela lost her ambilical cord today so lets try to get together for pics. Also remind me what the photo sight is for the free photos??? I forgot.

Shayne and Amber Hoskins said...

Hey I heard that you are coming to LAVA!!!!!! Mom told me a week ago I think?? That is so awesome!!!! We have so much fun & get soooo much done. I didn't this past time cuz I had Mara, but this time I will.:) I can't wait to see ya!!!
You got the pages done....good for you!!! I just couldn't wrap my head around it I guess...what can I say I'm a loser!?! j/k I guess that is what happens when you have kids. You don't get the time to do everything that you want, but that is alright!!! Tell Eric HI:)

Melissa Fisher said...

cute scrappin! Those pictures of Eric are so cute. That is Eric right? Hopefully this week is better than last week :) something wrong with being in sweats all day, cause I rarely get dressed!

Brook said...

Hey Hey! I am glad that you found my blog too! When I saw Eric I was hoping you were there too! Looks like you guys are doing great! Keep in touch!

Lib said...

You've got skillzzz!!!! I'm bummed that I won't get to hang out with you this weekend! Have a great time. By the way, how's your eye?