Monday, February 16, 2009

A Rustic Valentine's

Eric surprised me this weekend and asked if we could go spend the afternoon in Jackson Hole for our day off. It was a nice late (definitely rustic/naturalistic) Valentines!! We went to a few shops, ate at Bajio Grill (love it-you really miss little things like this when you live in a town that only has a Subway), and went to the Elk refuge. Sorry about the funny shot of us-it was really bright, and cold! (My chubby cheeks here are definitely inspiration for working out a little harder-too bad you can only rock cheeks like that effectively when your a littlie-insert sigh here). It really was a fun day trip! Anyways, the Elk with the funny looking antler most likely injured it while still in his velvet stage during a fight with another bull. If anyone hasn't been to the refuge before, I recommend it. You get so close!! Make sure you bring sunglasses, a good camera, and warm clothes! We got to see some cool sparing! The saddest thing (this is nature after all) was 1) this cow had broken her hoof or something and was hobbling around on it 2) the elk pictured above in the river had scabies really bad-to the point where he really probably shouldn't be alive right now-and these other bulls kept picking on him, which is why he moved into the river. The circle of life is kinda sad sometimes, but overall it was really fun to be able to see Elk that close, they really are majestic animals (and bigger than I remembered)! When we got home I even had time to clean most of the house (I have been putting it off). I guess I will tackle the rest tomorrow. I hope you all had fabulous Valentines Days!!
Rustic nature love to all my friends!


Lindsy Hartsock said...

Wow, go Eric :) That looked beautiful!

The Adams family said...

What a fun way to spend the day. I have never been there... will have to go next time we are there!

Ben and Katie McKee said...

What a clever way to spend valentines day! I'm glad you are so happy and well! We are doing well out here in Iowa! Ben will be done with school in October...woohoo! We live in a small town, too...and the only chain restaurant we have is Subway, too. :)

Angela Frasure said...

Hey Liz, same to you if you ever come MY direction, I would gladly make you breakfast in bed! How far are you exactly from Jackson? What a fun V day!