Monday, May 4, 2009

Must Be The Luck Of The Irish!!!

Okay....seriously I never win anything and this last week I won 3 things!!!! I am so excited!!!! As some of you may know, Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, just closed their doors-so sad!!! Due to that they had a week full of giveaways from various SS workers blogs. From here I won the Simple Scrapbooks Play Final Special Edition Idea Magazine, and a prize pack!!! Then I just opened my e-mail and found that I won $50 worth of DCWV products for signing up for their monthly news letter!!! could a girl get so lucky in 1 week? It must be my Irish blood .:smiles:.!!! Now, not to push my luck...but I would really like to win the SS big prize giveaway...a new printer!!!! I have been without one since we were married, almost 4 years now (it will be this month on the 20th!). None the less, I feel very blessed and I was more than content with the 1st prize (the special edition magazine)...but all else since then has been a wonderful topping on an already sweet treat! Check back later this week for pictures from our quick trip home....lots of new kiddo pictures, and my super thrilled Dad at his surprise 50th party (he really loves parties-haha)!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an even better National Scrapbooking Day!!! I have 1/2 a sick day today (gotta go to the dentist!) so I will be heading home to scrap-yea!!!
Cheers to all my friends for having and using sick days!!!


Amber Hooten said...

Awesome! Did you get my package and the check? Just checking to make sure it arrived in time. Talk to you soon!

Kelsie said...

That is awesome!! You must have deserved it.

Amber Hooten said...

I am really sorry about that. I will make sure I don't procrastinate next months. Hopefully you get it soon.