Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tribute To The Fallen

"Fellow countrymen gather round and set your minds at ease. There’s nothing new for you to figure out It’s just your hearts we need. So kiss your mamas and say goodbye. But tell her not to forget about our fathers who bled and died so she’d have someone to miss. Most of you will be home again though some may find there way to Heaven. But rest assured they’ll arrive as free men.
I believe in this one because the cause is good and we won’t fight cause we have to but because we should and I can see what it is and what it means to be united. You can’t destroy the rock upon which freedom stands. Oh brothers it’s time for war again.
So wear your colors but wear them proud like millions have before, cause they were sewn by the hands of God and they’ve never ever been torn. Most of you will be home again though some may find there way to Heaven. But rest assured we’ll arrive as free men."

Time for War~Kalai

I found out today from my Mom that an old friend died while doing training to go to Iraq. It's saddening, and maddening all at the same time. My heart goes out to his family...nothing will ever make up for the loss they are feeling right now. I love this song by Kalai...even though I may not agree with, or even understand the full aspects of this war, I take comfort in knowing that there is life after death. This is the 3rd person that I have had some kind of a relationship that has died in this war. I know that millions of others have died before them, and that this pattern will continue until God redeems us all-but that still does not take away the shock and pain of it all. I truly appreciate all that our service men and women do to keep us safe, I just wish that there was a way to keep them safe as well. I do appreciate my freedoms, but I can't help but think of how alone it must feel to be over there unsure of how your life will unfold. I can't imagine the last moments of the soldiers who don't get to come 'home', and what must be going through their minds at the time. I only hope now that they can hear our prayers of gratitude, and hopefully now they will get the opportunity to fulfill their eternal missions...may god grant them the ability to protect their fellow soldiers, and may he welcome them home to their eternal resting place.


Mike and Jen said...

Well said...Beautiful.

Mark and Kristen said...

OH my goodness - who was it?