Monday, May 11, 2009


Eric and I finally had a weekend off together, only 2 bummers...he hurt his knee and then I got sick!! None the less, we had the chance to go to Jackson together (to get his knee checked out), to go to the H.S. soccer games (it was sunny and beautiful), and to have a relaxing Sunday. He only has 2 more weeks of track so it will be nice to finally have our weekends back. I always joke that it's like I am divorced and I see him as often as I would if we had shared custody of children!! Ever other weekend, and occasionally for lunch and dinner. He has done really well with the kids though, he is a really good coach! Today I entered a design team contest for company that is new to me...and I totally love their stuff
(I has a sick day...thank goodness no strep though!!)!! Right up my alley!! Check them out here, and be ready to be thrilled!! I have never even entered one of my pages, but I have decided that it is a new year and it's about time I stop holding myself back! Even if no one likes my stuff but me, that's not really why I do what I do-I do it because I love it!! It would be nice though to get on a team though, especially one that I love their stuff. Wish me luck!! Anyways, Eric leaves for Track regionals on Wednesday. So, I will be on my own scrappin once again!! Anyways, that's a catch-up on what we have been up to. Love to you all!!
Sunny days to all my friends!!


Lindsy Hartsock said...

I LOVE my books that you made for me. I think you are VERY talented :) Good luck.

chelseyandmatt said... need to explain to me more about this scrapbooking stuff. Soo cute! I need to learn because it's just not coming along making them by hand! Oh..and im sorry you never see your husband :( I'm glad those days are kind of over for us..for now!

Logan and Lisa said...

Hey I was going to see if I could get your address to send a baby announcement- I'm getting a head start before she comes on getting all of the addresses. You can send it to

The Adams family said...

Yes! I would love to get together! I think Kira and Amber were talking yesterday about it! We'll plan something for sure!

The Adams family said...

PS - I didn't realize I was logged in under Kira...this is Kristen. :)