Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love These Kids!

I adore these kiddos! I was there for the first 2's births and up until we moved for all the important life milestones. It has been hard to be away from them and my family, and not be able to have the same experiences with Mara that I did with the older 2. Luckily I get to spend quality time with them when I go home for visits. I took these photos a couple months ago and have finally gotten enough time to edit them!! It was a fun shoot because I had new props and backgrounds! Paige is finally in to the camera so she wanted to do all sort of things (like go outside in the freezing cold) and pose in all sorts of places. Maybe she'll be a budding photographer soon :0). Mara wasn't so sure about the camera...but did pretty well. The most exciting thing about my photography is that I am upgrading my camera and lenses-so I should have a lot more capabilities soon. I am also hoping to get a mini studio in our house so I can shoot year round! Anyways, I played around a lot with these-since she's my sister I can take liberties like that-haha. Enjoy and you can see more @
Sugar bribery for all my friends!!

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Katie Ladwig said...

Totally cute pictures. You've got some skills girl!