Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love This Girl!

This lovely lady is my cousin Kristine, and we have grown up together since we were in diapers! I was so excited for her when she got married! It was true to her style very low key and fun! They (meaning some of people waiting and threw snowballs at her)had an impromptu snowball fight when they excited the temple. Her being the softball pro and good natured girl took it in stride and promptly returned the favor! I took some shots at her wedding that you can see on my photography website ( As I was editing photos I started remembering stuff from our past. It's funny being grown up and still remembering all the funny things we did as kids. I remember going one time to pick her up at her house (that used to be our house-we sold it to them when my dad went back to school-and then we moved into the apartment they were in behind my grandparents house) and she didn't want to come swimming because she said I was bossy. No offense Krissy, but you should see you with your brothers-haha, totally kidding-kind of. Anyways, we did lots together until they moved to Boise. I remember visiting there for an Easter egg hunt and in the summer. I also remember late night games outside with her friends when they moved to Idaho Falls-felt the wrath of Steve and Kathy one of those nights too, haha. Living in my bedroom in college-trundle bed delight, right? Trying to find parking spots on the way to institute...Great times together! Miss and love you cuz!!! Hope to see you soon!
Happy memories to all my friends!

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