Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peeping Toms and House Sneaks

I stayed up pretty late last night, so by the time I woke up today it was around 11-it was very nice. However, I woke up to a peeping tom! Actually, 9 of them to be exact. Then they called their buddies.....and I ended up with 28 eyes peeking into my windows! I thought Eric and I moved out of town to not have to put curtains up-haha. I was talking to my mom on the phone and I noticed a herd of deer across the street. By the time I got off and put in a load of laundry I came out and they were no where to be found. I thought it was a little strange, but soon enough I saw a little head poking out of the area where our walkout basement is. They had all congregated there for a little drink and shade. I grabbed my phone to take a photo and went outside. They moved, but one stopped on the opposite side of the retaining wall and poked his head up to watch me. After I went back in I grabbed my camera and moved to my room to see if they were over there, sure enough they were and they stayed there for about an hour while I got ready-watching the whole time to make sure I wouldn't come through the window and get them. It was pretty funny to see them so interested in our house and windows-waiting to see if anything was going on. I also had a bird try to fly in to the bathroom when I was in there this morning, and the most amazing bluebird fly right next to me and perch on our porch when I was watching the deer. God really has made some of the most amazing creatures. It's times like these that I am grateful I live in such a beautiful and remote place!! Lastly, here are a few sneaks of the house-rugs in the spare bedrooms, the spare bathroom, and the living room. I should be ordering my bed this week so soon we will have it more decorated and pictures up and I will post more. (Check out my new photography post below)
Pleasant peepers to all my friends!


The Archibalds said...

I just LOVE deer. I bet that was a sight to see. I can't wait to see your house, I bet you are loving it!!!

Katie Ladwig said...

That is hilarious. Did you have any stage fright getting ready with such an audience?