Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Call Him Coach

This week we had the Wrangler basketball banquet to celebrate the boys/girls accomplishments. Of course there was amazing food, but even more than that there were amazing boys there! The basketball team has been so fun to watch this year! I was so proud of their accomplishments-taking 3rd at state and battling Jackson Hole-who they are all close with, in two huge games! Both for the regional championship and then again for the third place spot. Beyond being proud of these boys, I am so proud of Eric. HE IS AN AMAZING COACH...and I don't just say that because he is my husband-but because he truly is awesome at what he does. The head coach got up and talked about how great an asset Eric is not only to the program, but to the school with all of the great things he has done to help athletes become better athletes (and kids to become stronger in general). I whole heartedly agree! I don't say it much, but he is great with kids and an inspiring leader/coach. If all coaches coached with the passion he does-sports in general would be different. If all athletes played with the passion he did/does, sports in general would be different. I never imagined I would be married to a coach and teacher-even more so I never imagined I would live in a very small town. However, it has been so nice to move somewhere were I can feel like I am a part of a sports program again. My heart sunk when those boys lost the game that would have taken them to the finals. They played their hearts out, and it was so sad to see them walk out broken hearted. They met the best of the best this year and competed with them the whole time! They were a joy to watch, and so was their amazing JV coach-wink wink! Love you Eric! Here are a few photos of the season...I will post more of my favorite shots soon!

Passion for what you do for all my friends!


Lib said...

great post! We're all so proud of Eric too, especially his brother... bet that's something they don't say too often.

Angela Frasure said...

Thats so sweet!