Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally A Nice Weekend!!

We finally had a nice night to enjoy the outdoors!! I went with Eric to a friends pond to fish...really I did more casting and photo taking. I didn't catch any fish...can't imagine why-look how fantastic my lure was...reminded me of scrapbooking and cherries, hehe! Eric did finally catch one as we were leaving. We walked down to the river before he caught it though and spooked a moose, they really are funny looking animals!! Like a mix between a horse/donkey/and some animal that I cannot place...very doofy when they run. It stayed there the whole time watching us. I am sure it was not impressed when I jumped the creek and Eric tried to help me but ended up dragging my through the mud-not pretty!! I also finally did some more work in the garage and in the house...this is the new coffee table that is part of my upcoming birthday-it matches perfect and fits so much better than the other one. I was pretty proud of myself, I brought it in the house all by myself and moved the old one out. I have been neglecting working out so I figured that was a good place to start. We also started softball tonight....and WON, so exciting to be playing again-but I am definitely out of shape!!
Nice weekends for all my friends!


Melissa Fisher said...

I've been meaning to leave a post for a while now.... I love your hair cut!! post more pics and some of the back too :) I don't find your life uninteresting, I love to see your house pics! Also- I finally found some time to mess around with the camera and realized I should have taken notes while you were here! (forbid I read the manual right?) I think it is just what I wanted so thanks!

Katie Ladwig said...

I LOVE the coffee table. It looks awesome. Your house is so cute.