Thursday, May 13, 2010


Master bedroom...just put the bed together last night!!

Guest's getting there!
Hallway...finally the photos are going up!
This post is for my wonderful friend Linds and myself (and all the rest of you out there that keep up with our mostly uninteresting life). For me it's to stand as a reminder that sometimes I do eat good food (instead of frozen burritos at 10 pm-like last night) and sometimes-really not all that often-but sometimes,I do make my bed and keep my house clean ;0). Also this stands as a reminder that sometimes I do nice things for the hubs, like: drive 20 minutes out of town (leaving an unfinished scrapbooking page) to take pictures of the biggest Brown he's ever caught-while getting hailed on in unpleasant places (for heaven's sake why can't they make pants that don't gap in the waist and squeeze my mondo thighs?), while running through cow poo with the possibility of getting dropped in a stream, and having hands so cold they burn-fun times for sure. For Linds...this is to show that I am unpacking-albeit slowly-and getting my rooms put together!
Fun times for all my friends!!
PS...just bought the new camera-call me if you are needing photos, it should be here in a week...WAHOOO!

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