Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebrating Life

I was watching the last of Oprah today and saw the story of this couple and thought I should share this with others. The Mom made a profound statement that she knew she could raise Eliot because she could cry later-but for now she was going to celebrate each day that she had with her little one before he passed on. It made me think, how do I celebrate each day? Each of us have the ability to turn our trials into triumphs, if we only give it to God he can help to heal our hearts and turn our minds to the positive. I think that this amazing couple is a great example of this. I love where it says in the video it says something to the effect that God is able to touch the lives of others with a boy who never even spoke. So I ask myself how am I touching the lives of others, can my example alone do it in a positive way? I hope you all enjoy this little film in the celebration of this little ones life, I will warn you that it is sad-but hopeful. By the way, Eliot will have a little brother soon, and I believe he is in heaven helping to send him down!

Celebrations of today for all my friends!


Jen Simmons said...

I totally recorded Oprah so I could see it so I am going to bypass the clip and watch the full episode! Anyway, i can't wait to see it. Ok so the shirt picture, it's sort of a process which I could better help you with in person, actually I can't really explain the full detail typed or even over the phone so I guess it's official, we have got to come see you guys!! What are your weekends typically like because we do nothing unless there is a game. So yeah, write back!! let me know!

Jessica Adams said...

Thanks Liz for starting my day out with a cry! :) It is so true though! I totally am always focusing on as soon as we get through this then life can start!

Kelsey said...

I've been meaning to update you on my decision for president. I thought about doing a blog post on it, but decided against it because some of my family members get really passionate about politics, and I find it best to just avoid the issue.

After I compared the platforms for Obama and McCain, I came to some of the same conclusions as you. Obama's ideas are nice in theory, but he'll end up making what is already a too huge government even more powerful and inflated, and there's no way he can do all that without raising taxes. And targeting the rich is not the solution for the exact reasons you stated. But I still can't vote for a conservative because of my socially liberal viewpoints.

So, I found my perfect candidate. I'm voting for the Libertarian candidate Bobb Barr. His plan for reducing taxes is to cut government spending considerably. Some of his plans sound kind of out there, but I agree with his logic.

I know voting for a third party seems like a waste of a vote, but I'd rather vote for someone I believe in than just choosing the candidate that I dislike the least.

I need to take off, but I wanted to let you know what I came up with in my research.

Shayne and Amber Hoskins said...

I am so glad that you posted this. I wanted to watch Opera and didn't get the chance. I had a good cry but what do expect from me- right! I am so thankful that my kids are healthy and strong it is definantly a blessing. Well Mara is crying so I guess this is the end of my comment.