Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've been tagged!

Tagged by Angie. Basically the rules are, I tell 7 weird/interesting things about myself and then tell 7 other people to do it and leave them a comment about it! So...I am taking the challenge because I enjoy reading other peoples, and warrant a change in my blogging escapades!

1. I still (in the back of my head) have a severe desire to enter the medical field somehow! Someday I will get there-I'm just working on the how :0).

2. I get the winter blues and in moving now to a town who has more winter than any other season, I am waiting until it hits to try out several suggestions I have received on how to combat this. Its really annoying and for any of you that have it you know that-it turns me into someone I have never wanted to be. It makes me ultra aggitated to the point where at night being touched at all by anything irritates me and my skin.

3. I love taking pictures, but still feel highly inadequate in doing so and had to be convinced by my wonderful friend Linds that I should set a price list-that I have enough experience and don't have to negotiate anymore.

4. I love babies, but I still don't feel quite ready to have one of my own. Maybe within the next year or so.

5. I am more tom-boyish than girlish-but my hobbies are all ultra feminine. I would rather wear jeans than a dress, but I would rather scrapbook than hunt. However, I do like to mix it up and try to wear girly jewelry frequently. (I also like to throw in a little imitation punk when I can!)

6. I am with Angie on this one-I have cancer on both sides of my family in many forms, so I expect myself to get it at some point. I doesn't scare me right now, I guess I am just hoping that medicine progresses by then and there is a cure for it.

7. I love to travel and so far I have been out of the country a few times and all over the US, and I am constantly thinking about where I would like to go next! So far I have been to Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Caribbeans. I would like to go to New Zealand/Australia, Europe, Fiji, Ireland, And Hawaii-someday hopefully!

Now I tag: Kira, Kristen, Amber, Dana, Kelsey, Linds, Kristina

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Mark and Kristen said...

Me Kristen? or a different Kristen? :)