Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Quick Look At Where We Live

So....after a few requests of posting what our place looks like-here's the first floor. I will show the upstairs when I get a chance to photograph it when it's clean :0). When you walk in there is a sitting room (with the clock and stars), then a hall with a 1/2 bath, then the open kitchen-dining-and living room. Our furniture is pretty hodge-podge, but all I can day is thank you to grandparents and family who like to give us free things! The first pieces of nice furniture we have bought are these black leather couches. I love how modern they look, and surprisingly they are pretty comfy, but so slick that you slide right out of them. It has stopped us from crashing on the couches though :0). Next piece to buy-a lovely brown leather king sized bed-I am currently saving up! Wish me luck!!!! Eric and I will hate moving from here unless we get something new with as much space and a garage! We pay a pretty penny for this place, it's teacher housing though so we only get 1 year in it (it's cheaper than market value here even at $1200/mo, the others in the area that are similar are around $2500-3000/mo), but it's only 1 year old and so much bigger than anything we have ever had, that we feel we are really lucky-even though the money was quite a shocker!
Warm homes for all my friends!


Jason and Kristina Murphy said...

Cute black and white balls :)

Jason and Dana said...

I love your dining table! And I can't believe that snow!!! It's something I'll never get used to, I guess--the October snow storms.
I think we're going to go with travertine, that's what everybody thinks.

Klingler Family said...

What a cute little place! I love it!

Mark and Kristen said...

Really cute place Liz!! You did a great job decorating!