Saturday, October 18, 2008

Varsity vs Saratoga

Yesterday our varsity team played against Saratoga, and in the end we pulled it out 10-3. It was a rough game and we didn't exactly play our best, but the weather was warm, the company fun, and a few players had some really great plays. I have really enjoyed getting to know some of the players and being able to watch this team come together! The bonus this year is that they made it to regional's, I hope they'll continue on to state, but so far-I am just happy that they are winning, and having fun!

Play on!



Autumn said...

Wow, good game, no I wanted to answer your question about my camera, yes my good one is home and I so miss it with all this beauty but I am getting by with a little casio exilim. I won't post again until after I get back from Italy and I find internet in my new apartment which I hope doesn't take long

Andrea & Brandon said...

Of ocurse I remember you! Thanks for the comment about my mommy she is pretty fun! I like her! Hope all is wonderful with you!

Ben and Katie McKee said...

Hey LIZ!! I'm so glad you found me! It looks like you and your hubby are happy and well! We are good, too...hanging out here in Iowa. Thats cool you have a photography business!