Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Help Me Choose Please!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I am getting some new props for my photography business and saw some picutres that I want to do my own take on. So.....I will be buying some 'baby legs' and I need help choosing which ones! I will either buy 3 or 4, and I would like bright colors-nothing too neutral. I will be putting them with tutu's and a few other things-please comment and let me know what you would want if I was doing pictures for you (even if you only have boys-{linds and others}-please comment!!) Thanks for your help!!! You can check them out at http://www.babyonce.com/

Lots of love



Lindsy Hartsock said...

Okay that is SO hard because they are all so cute, but if I had to choose I would say Marzipan, dark rye, phinney, neapolitan, watermelon, cornucopia, vino, and yellow dot are my favorites. All I can say is I better have a girl someday or my boys are just gonna have to wear that stuff cause it is way too cute not to buy :) I think that is a great idea to do those baby legs and a tutu for pictures, you are always so creative. Nice work! I missed not having you take Carter's pictures this time. Too bad you live so far away!! Maybe you will have to come visit us in Chicago next year and take his 2yr. pics :)

Kelsey said...

Hi Liz, it's Kelsey. I found your blog via Lindsy's blog.

As a mother of two girls, I would have to say, my two favorite baby legs are the marzipan and Neapolitan. That's my vote.

By the way, I love the horse pictures. I understand your fear, they're huge, and they bite (at least they bite me).

Autumn said...

I am not the best judge becuase I mostly like the brown and pink ones, not too bright like the mossy, marzipan, pinot, Bordeaux, have to throw in a French one, and the Jill set of 3. Good luck deciding

Jason and Dana said...

I say neapolitian. And I also have to tell you they sell some at Target too. Not as many options of course, but they're only $3 or $4. I love the tutu and leg warmer pictures!!

Kelsey said...

Actually, I've never had a photographer take pictures of my little girls. Basically, Miguel is pretty good at taking photos, and I'm good at manipulating them with photoshop.

Now, did you do Lindsy's family photos? If so, well done!

Kelsey said...

One more thing. When you get your photoshop application, feel free to ask me any question you come across. I may have to give you my e-mail or phone number. I'm not a pro or anything, but I've learned a lot playing around with it for the past 2 years. My mom actually teaches computer art at Poky now, so she tells me what to do, and I can pass that info on to you. There are a lot of useful shortcuts that she's taught me.

Amber Hooten said...

It was so hard to chose! They are all adorable. I guess it depends on what color of tutus you go with. I like the the Popsicle, sorbet, and bumble bee. I don't know why I like the bumble bee, maybe it has something to do with being a former Yellow Jacket?:) Anyway, I hope that helps with your decisions. Thanks for the tips on moving! I will definitely be using all of them. My mother-in-law was nice enough to pack about 12 boxes last night while she was in town! Only 500 more to go.