Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happiness in a Box (or 4)

So this is my happy birthday to me! I received 3 of my 4 boxes today! I bought an extra camera battery, and the brand new photoshop elements with my leftover business money. I got all this scrapbooking stuff and my soon to come baby legs (for my business-I am not announcing anything)with my birthday money. Seriously, I know it's sad-but I shopped all day online when the school was doing testing, and picked out all my goodies! Who knew that the shopping would be just as much fun as getting my box? Who knew that 1 little box of scrappin stuff could make my day-well I guess all of you who know me could predict that!

Enjoy your hobbies!



the longmores said...

Happy B-day. I think it was the 12th, but I'm not sure. Glad you got some fun goodies to keep you busy.

The Adams family said...

Girl we missed you so much this past weekend! It was no the same without you! You have got to come next time!
It looks like you spent your money wilsely. YOu will have to post picture so the layouts that you do with them!

Melissa Fisher said...

Hey Liz! Thanks for the phone call. Don't worry about little old me. Things are good, which is why I'm not posting as much! I can't sleep at night when I know a package may be arriving! Cute house too. You need to give me some decorating tips :) Hope to see you again soon!

Kelsey said...

I love online shopping! It's so fun to get boxes in the mail. And then you don't have to fight crowds of people at the store. Looks like you got some really cute/useful stuff!